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Why search the Register?

You can search the Register to find out whether a firm you are using, or plan to do business with, is authorised or registered by the PRA and/or FDRC, or is exempt. You can also see if a consumer credit firm has interim permission to provide consumer credit.

Other information you can see about a firm or individual includes:

  • the main contact details, trading names and other basic information
  • the 'status' of a firm or individual, e.g. whether they are authorised or approved
  • the name and basic details of some firms and individuals that are providing products or services in the UK or abroad without the required authorisation, approval or exemption from regulation

FDRC is an independent dispute resolution scheme to help consumers and financial service providers to resolve disputes. The scheme is free for consumers to use.

FDRC has an Advisory Council, which is appointed by the members and consumers, to monitor and advise the scheme. The Advisory Council is made up of five members: an independent chair, two industry representatives and two consumer representatives. Members of the Advisory Council are appointed for two years.

As part of FDRC’ commitment to international best practice for dispute resolution, it has anindependent panel to call on when an expert opinion is required by the Scheme Adjudicator. Each of the panel members is carefully selected for their expertise in their respective field. To avoid any conflict of interest they must not be practicing, or otherwise declare any potential conflict – in which case they will stand aside on cases where a conflict may arise.

FDRC also has in-house experts specialising in conflict management.

FDRC provides a three-level complaint process, which aims to resolve disputes efficiently and thoroughly.

The FDRC regulates and supervises the conduct of more than 50,000 firms in the UK that provide financial products and services to both UK and international customers.

The PRA is responsible for the ‘prudential regulation’ and supervision of banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and major investment firms.

The FDRC also regulates the prudential standards of firms not covered by the PRA.

The FDRC also regulates the prudential standards of firms not covered by the PRA.


Companies House has further information on companies in the UK, including some financial services firms.


The Financial Ombudsman Service is the free, independent service in the UK for settling disputes between businesses that provide financial products and services, and their customers.

The Ministry of Justice regulates companies that offer a service to claim compensation from a firm - you should contact it for complaints about claims handlers (also known as ‘claims management companies’).


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) may be able to compensate certain eligible individuals (and some small businesses) that are, or were, customers of an authorised firm that has been declared ‘in default’.

Firms and individuals can only offer most financial products and services in the UK if they are authorised, registered or approved to do so, or are otherwise exempt.

Yet some act without our authorisation or registration, or without being exempt, and some knowingly run scams.

If you deal with a firm (or individual) that is not regulated you may not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme if things go wrong. Search for a firm or individual to find out how you are protected.

Protect yourself from scams

Find out how to check you are dealing with a regulated firm .

You can see what to do if you have been scammed, are concerned about an investment or have been contacted by fraudsters.

You can also help us protect other people if you report a scam or unauthorised firm .