Fxhill Compliance Services (UK) Limited

Status: Authorised

(Reference number: FDRC20018)

Fxhill Compliance Services (UK) Limited

This firm is a member of The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission and its clients may be protected under dispute resolution services.

  • The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission may be able to consider a dispute with this firm. Find out how to complain.
  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) may not be able to compensate customers if this firm fails. See how to claim compensation.

Business Type: Compliance Services

This firm is registered in The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission as a compliance services provider.

Contact Details

Principal place of business


71-75 Shelton Street,

Covent Garden,

London, England,


Phone: +44 208 243 8526
Fax: +44 208 243 8526
Email: info@fxhill.com
Website: www.fxhill.com
Contact Name: Joshua Law

Basic Detail

Type Registered Member (No. FDRC20018)

Firm Description Fxhill Compliance Services (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of Fxhill Group Ltd, provides professional consultation services for entities looking to establish legal and regulated presence in foreign jurisdictions. In addition, the firm specialises in forex licensing services, asset management licensing services and payment service provider licensing services.

The Group’s mission is to fully satisfy the financial needs of the greatest number of customers through a suitable and comprehensive range of products and excellent quality of service, with a commitment to provide value to customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

The Group bases its business and social initiatives on its corporate values of quality, trust and social commitment. Quality is defined as wanting to serve customers by offering them excellent service and products best suited to their needs. Trust is the result of honesty, professionalism and proximity. Lastly, social commitment is part of the foundation essence of the Group, underlining its objective of contributing to the development of a fairer society where more equal opportunities are available.

Companies House Number This is a unique number given to a UK company or limited liability partnership 9371778

Current status Authorised A firm that is registered as a member of FDRC to provide mentioned products and services.

Effective Date This is the date from which the Current Status has applied. 18/03/2016

Money Laundering Certain firms must protect themselves against money laundering and comply with the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007 This firm is not registered under the Money Laundering Regulations.